• Christmas Opening Hours

    Fri 24th Dec Christmas Eve 8.00am 1.00pmSat 25th Dec Christmas Day Closed Sun 26th Dec Boxing Day Closed Mon 27th Dec Bank Holiday 10.00am 3.00pmTue 28th Dec Bank Holiday 10.00am 3.00pmWed 29th Dec 8.00am 6.00pmThur 30th Dec 8.00am 6.00pmFri 31st Dec New Years Eve 8.00am 1.00pmSat 1st Jan New Years Day ClosedSun 2nd Jan 10.00am 3.00pmMon 3rd… Read More »Christmas Opening Hours
  • BWI Storage open a new store in Woodford Green

    NEW STORE NOW OPEN BWI Self Storage now has closed its South Woodford branch and relocated to Woodford Green where we have opened a brand-new self-storage facility.  Our independent family run self storage facility caters to everyone; we have a successful small business hub for local companies and welcome residential customers.  The new BWI Self… Read More »BWI Storage open a new store in Woodford Green
  • Back To University

    Its summer now but now we know our results our thoughts are turning to the start of the new term for 1st  year university students. We have some tips below to help you settle into student life. Home comforts There’s no place like home! Your living space is your comfort zone, especially your bedroom. Making… Read More »Back To University
  • Becoming a grandparent

    Becoming a grandparent is one of life’s most exciting key moments, however it can also be one of the most challenging. Your adult child will need support and help, however they may also need space and time to relax and digest everything that is going on around them. Obviously your number 1 priority is to… Read More »Becoming a grandparent
  • Preparing Your Home For A Pet

    Getting your first pet can be one of the most exciting moments in life, especially for young children. Welcoming a four legged friend is a huge responsibility and not to be taken temporarily. Here are a few tips to help and ensure you create the most comfortable atmosphere within your household. Create the space With… Read More »Preparing Your Home For A Pet
  • Preparing for your baby’s room/nursery

    You’ll need to create extra space around home for a new born baby, it’s vital that you be smart with your storage solutions; making sure everything is stored away safely. Buying somewhere for your baby to sleep can be mined blowing. A cot isn’t the only option, a cot bed is longer and wider than… Read More »Preparing for your baby’s room/nursery
  • Need boxes? Bubble Wrap? Covers For Furniture?

    Here at BWI Self-Storage, as well as storage space, we sell a whole range of useful packaging products for public sale. Whether you need boxes to build a fort or store your old ‘cherished’ stuff we don’t discriminate. Queen Marie Antoinette supposedly said ‘Let the people eat cake!’ here at BWI we say ‘Let the… Read More »Need boxes? Bubble Wrap? Covers For Furniture?
  • What to Consider Before Renting Office Space

    Making the decision to lease office space can be huge for start-ups and small businesses – not only does it suggest that your business has been thus far successful; it opens the door for bigger success in the future. However, it is quite a daunting decision to make and you may not know where to… Read More »What to Consider Before Renting Office Space
  • Creating a Children’s Playroom for the Summer

    The summer holidays are already here. A very exciting time for the kids, but how are you going to keep them entertained for six long weeks? A great way to do this is by creating a temporary playroom in your spare room or study for children. A space they can enjoy without getting in your… Read More »Creating a Children’s Playroom for the Summer
  • Making Room For A New Baby

    People all over the world over have been celebrating the birth of the Royal Baby. Who was just one of approximately 2000 babies born on the very same day in the UK. However, unlike the Royal Baby, most of those babies won’t be going back to a palace! The birth of a baby can bring… Read More »Making Room For A New Baby
  • What to Consider When Planning an Extension

    With house prices ever escalating, many people are choosing to extend their homes in order to gain a little extra space without having to move. With the advantage of adding value on to your property, extensions have become more and more popular. Thus we’ve come up with some things you may want to consider if you are planning on… Read More »What to Consider When Planning an Extension
  • Which Size Self Storage Unit Should I Take?

    One of the first things we ask people who are interested in self storage is what size unit they think they may need, and we often get mixed reactions. Those that have used selfstorage before tend to know what they want, but more often than not we get a confused look and a ‘I’m not… Read More »Which Size Self Storage Unit Should I Take?
  • Bedroom Storage Ideas

    A cluttered bedroom is probably the last thing you want to see when you wake up every morning, so we’ve come up with some great ideas to help your space look as good as new:     Use the height of your room to your advantage. – Use your wall-space effectively by, for example, using… Read More »Bedroom Storage Ideas
  • Declutter Your Wardrobe

    Ever feel like you don’t have a thing to wear, but when you look inside your wardrobe it’s absolutely brimming? It may be time to declutter your wardrobe. Read our top tips to help you on your way: Organise one section at a time – a shelf, a hanger rail, a drawer. This will make… Read More »Declutter Your Wardrobe
  • Packing for Moving into Self Storage

    Moving things into self storage can be a daunting task, but it may not take as long as you think if you remember the following things: Have all your packaging materials ready before you start – boxes, bubble wrap, brown tape etc. Like BWI Self Storage, your local storage centre probably sells everything you need… Read More »Packing for Moving into Self Storage
  • The Right Self Storage Facility For You

      You’ve made the decision to use self storage, but if it’s for the first time it can be a somewhat daunting and even confusing experience. Because of the sheer number of self storage facilities that have cropped up, you just don’t know which one to choose. Going for the cheapest option may not always… Read More »The Right Self Storage Facility For You
  • Vinyl Record Storage and Maintenance

    Today (Saturday 21st April) is Record Store Day and across the capital, independently owned record stores are coming together to celebrate the art of music, host performances and special appearances and even sell or give away special one-off  releases. A must for any vinyl lover. Speaking of vinyl lovers, some of the staff at BWI Self… Read More »Vinyl Record Storage and Maintenance
  • Office Organisation

    Can’t find the stapler? Paper everywhere? Perhaps it’s time to declutter your office… Although you may see an overflowing desk as a testament to your hard work, it could also be hazardous in terms of finding things. Where was that important document you were looking at the other day? Or the post it note with… Read More »Office Organisation
  • Just How Secure is BWI Self Storage?

      The self storage industry has seen growth in these hard economic times, with 800 new facilities having been opened in the last 20 years. More and more people are turning to self storage both for business and personal use. A huge concern when using self storage facilities is often security; people want to know… Read More »Just How Secure is BWI Self Storage?
  • Student Storage

    Whether you’re thinking about the fast-approaching holidays or even next September, having enough space as a student can be a pain. University accommodation is often quite small with basic furniture and if you rent privately you probably won’t be able to drill holes in the wall or make many changes to suit your needs. Sometimes,… Read More »Student Storage
  • Benefits of Self Storage: Extending Your Home

      Home extensions have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with people choosing to add space and value to their existing homes rather than going through the lengthy and sometimes expensive process of finding a new place and a new mortgage to match. From converting attics to building an entirely new section of… Read More »Benefits of Self Storage: Extending Your Home
  • How Self Storage Can Help You Sell Your Home

    It is often said that you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression, and there’s nothing this saying applies more to than when it comes to selling your home. According to industry experts, buyers often prefer a de-cluttered, spacious home it order to recognise its full potential and visualise their own lives… Read More »How Self Storage Can Help You Sell Your Home
  • Benefits of Self Storage: Archive Storage

      With the cost of renting on the rise and space being an ever-valuable commodity, self storage could provide the solution to business related problems, especially in terms of archiving. It is required by law to keep records, and although digital forms of doing so are starting to take over, there’s still a need for… Read More »Benefits of Self Storage: Archive Storage
  • Smaller Homes = Growing Need for Self Storage

      It’s undeniable that the cost of space is on the increase; smaller homes and more expensive retail space is therefore the prime reason people seek to use self storage – a cost effective and hassle-free solution. We know that the self storage industry is booming in the UK and USA, but countries like Singapore,… Read More »Smaller Homes = Growing Need for Self Storage
  • Cost Of Renting ‘Up Again’

    According to the BBC, the cost of renting a home in England and Wales has risen for the ninth consecutive month and London has faced the highest rise than any other region. Why is this happening? Well, in the current economic climate frustrated first-time buyers are continuing to rent and the shortage of rental… Read More »Cost Of Renting ‘Up Again’
  • BWI Self Storage feature in the Woodford Guardian

    BWI Self Storage featured in this weeks business section of the Ilford and the Woodford Recorder. Click on the thumbnail to see the full article, which can also be found on page 14 of the Ilford and the Woodford Recorder (08/09/11).