With the cost of renting on the rise and space being an ever-valuable commodity, self storage could provide the solution to business related problems, especially in terms of archiving.

It is required by law to keep records, and although digital forms of doing so are starting to take over, there’s still a need for paper – hard copies of documents and records are still required in most industries. And as you may know, paper can take up a lot of space and create a cluttered environment.
If you’re a small business, self storage could prove advantageous – specially designed warehouses are dry and secure, and you often have the flexibility of coming and going when it suits you. Not only is the renting a unit more cost effective, it’s cheaper than renting the office space and you’re bound to find a facility near to you. Furthermore, you have the benefit of being able to move to larger or smaller units with ease, should you require more or less space.

Naturally, good organisation is key when it comes to storing archives. It is easy to organise a unit which is especially used for archiving rather than finding space in your office. Most self storage facilitiArchivees also sell specifically designed archive boxes which can hold the weight of paper, are easy to carry and move and have side panels for writing the relevant information on. It may also prove useful to keep a computer record of your archives in order to keep them organised and track what you do and don’t have in the unit.

Finally, if you’re a business there are long-term discounts available, which never hurts.
So, there you have it… Self storage can be useful for you and your business; it can help you be more efficient and organised and save you cost and clutter.

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