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Back To University

  • 3 min read

StudentIts summer now but now we know our results our thoughts are turning to the start of the new term for 1st  year university students.

We have some tips below to help you settle into student life.

Home comforts

There’s no place like home! Your living space is your comfort zone, especially your bedroom. Making your new home comfortable is very important because university can be stressful at times; after a busy day at lectures or in the library you can relax in your space with your belongings around you. Along with all your tech why not bring some comforting items from home that will ease your settling in days so you don’t become homesick.

On arrivals day universities usually stagger arrivals by day and time and there are usually lots of volunteers to carry stuff and point you in the right direction.  There will be trollies available but many people find it useful to pack their belongings in wheeled bags or even to bring their own collapsible trolley.

Our top tips for moving in day  is to bring a door stop, so you can prop open your door and meet your new hall mates as they move in too.

Getting Settled

  • Enjoy Freshers Week.  There really are clubs and societies for everyone.
  • Put yourself out there to meet people and increase the chance of finding your tribe
  • Manage your money – Work out how much money you have and what you will need to spend
  • Remember your health and well being.  Find out what student support services are available.
  • Explore and enjoy your new home but sometimes you just need to see a friendly and familiar face so contact your family and friends who’ll want to see you too!

Save the pennies 

Piggy banks aren’t just for your teenage pocket money. Start a coin jar when you get to uni, and add your loose change after each day/night. Before long you’ll have enough to treat yourself to a nice dinner out – always a bonus on a student’s budget!

Need help storing some items so you can have space? BWI will be more than happy to cater to your needs where you utilise 10sqft lockers for students.

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