Living Room

It is often said that you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression, and there’s nothing this saying applies more to than when it comes to selling your home. According to industry experts, buyers often prefer a de-cluttered, spacious home it order to recognise its full potential and visualise their own lives in the space.

It all begins as soon as budding buyers enter your house – perhaps giving your front door and hallway a lick of paint will help boost appearances. Also, don’t forget to organise clutter in your living room and the bedrooms; cleaning up toys, magazines and other odds and ends will help your house to look more presentable and appealing to the buyer.

It could also be advantageous to de-personalise your home for a little while – temporarily hiding photographs from view for example lets buyers use their imagination in order to visualise their own space without any distractions.

Finally, it is important to take note that buyers will also be looking at your spare room/garage/attic, so it may not always be sensible to store your extra odds and ends, furniture or the summer barbecue there. Naturally, prospective buyers will want to use the extra space in their own way and your precious items could prove off-putting.

This is where self storage comes in – it is an affordable alternative and is extremely flexible in terms of time; at BWI Self Storage, the minimum period of storage is only one week! Self storage is a great way to store your “extra” belongings; whether your house has been on the market for a while, or has just opened up, a de-cluttered home can only help. Furthermore, the earlier you start de-cluttering the easier it will be when you eventually have to move out.