Storage Lock


The self storage industry has seen growth in these hard economic times, with 800 new facilities having been opened in the last 20 years. More and more people are turning to self storage both for business and personal use. A huge concern when using self storage facilities is often security; people want to know that their belongings will be safe, and rightly so. Needless to say, BWI Self Storage takes security very seriously.

A recent ‘Watchdog’ feature on the BBC looked at security measures taken to scrutinise just how safe your things are, looking at one big self storage firm in particular. It was found that pin code access and 24 hour opening was a huge issue, allowing anyone to walk around the facilities freely. Naturally, this may be extremely off-putting in your decision whether or not to use self storage, however you don’t have to let it be a deal breaker.

BWI Self Storage is a family-run, independent facility. Therefore our security measures are a bit more personalised than you may get with the big chains. We have all the usual measures: 24 hour CCTV across the facility, alarms, strong, sturdy and secure doors on all our units. However we also make a great effort to get to know our clients personally, so we would know if there’s anything suspicious happening or there is someone in the facility that does not belong. You hold the only key to your unit meaning that no one else can access it and furthermore, we do not have a 24 hour access policy, so there is always staff on hand during the opening hours to monitor who comes in and goes out. You can rest assured knowing that your unit is well protected. Finally, insurance is mandatory so should the worst case scenario, all your goods are covered.

We know that deciding to keep your belongings in storage can be quite daunting so we’ve done as much as we can to make sure your things are well protected. Security is one less thing you have to worry about with BWI Self Storage.