Can’t find the stapler? Paper everywhere? Perhaps it’s time to declutter your office…

Although you may see an overflowing desk as a testament to your hard work, it could also be hazardous in terms of finding things. Where was that important document you were looking at the other day? Or the post it note with the phone number you need? Organising your office could be just the thing you need to help clear your mind and be more effective and efficient. With Easter weekend coming up, it is the perfect time to spring clean your desk so that you can start a-fresh after a much needed break.


  • Using a few bin bags, boxes, desk trays, desk tidies could help you stay organised.
  • Decide on where things are going to go – a space for things you use everyday, things you use often, things you never use but need to keep, and of course the bin bag for things you never use and don’t need. If you’re going to keep things of seldom use in boxes or file them away, make sure they’re labelled – it’ll make it easier for you when the time comes to use them.
  • Start with your desk, there are probably papers you need to file away. Do this according to a system that suits you. Things you need to keep, but don’t need to look at on a regular basis can be stored if you feel you don’t have enough space in your office. BWI Self Storage solutions start at just £4 a week.
  • Find a place for bits and bobs: pens can be housed in a coffee mug, paper clips in a zip lock bag. Designate a ‘sticky-note’ area if you use them a lot to ensure that important messages don’t get lost.
  • Being organised doesn’t mean you have to be minimalistic – you’re free to decorate your office to suit your personality.
  • Stay organised! Once you’ve organised your office, it’ll be relatively easy to keep it that way as long as you have a routine – put things in the places they need to be instead of leaving it until later.

Don’t forget to keep track of important papers you need now and ones you may need later, and if you’re worried about lack of space then self storage could be ideal. BWI Self Storage is easily accessible and flexible. Once you’ve got your office organised, we can help you keep it that way!