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Preparing for your baby’s room/nursery

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You’ll need to create extra space around home for a new born baby, it’s vital that you be smart with your storage solutions; making sure everything is stored away safely.

Baby Room

Buying somewhere for your baby to sleep can be mined blowing. A cot isn’t the only option, a cot bed is longer and wider than standard cots so it grows with your child. Or you could choose a co-sleeper, a cot that you can attach to the side of your bed. To help you make the best choice for your family.

Below are 8 useful steps to start off with:

Pick a warm room.

Pick a room that tends to have the warmest warmth in the house. Slightly away from all other action from nearby passer-byes, but still close enough to the parents so that they can get to the child within a few seconds.

Door for room





Clear the room.

Clear the room of any toys and furniture that may pre-exist in the room. If the room contains a closet or any tucked-away space, clear those areas away completely too. Clothing should come out of all closet spaces the proposed nursery will hold, and all areas should be free of unnecessary items. If you don’t have any storage within the house, always consider a small self-storage unit.








Pick a theme to the baby nursery, although few baby nurseries ever contain wallpaper on the wall at first. Some parents enjoy placing a wallpaper border on a wall out of hands reach. Pick colours that are vibrant and can lighten the room when and where necessary.









Prepare the room in wall-to-wall carpeting.

If your child can hurt themselves on the floor, carpeting (and its underlayment) gives the floor a little more padding. Therefore, a little less possibility of your baby becoming critically hurt.









Prepare the Cot/Cot bed

Prepare the cot for the baby’s arrival including preparing the cot-sheet for initial “touchdown”.  Among many other things, along with a receiving blanket and blanket (depending on season).









Vacuum the floor

This will pick up any dust or dirt that may have accumulated while assembling the pieces. For an even cleaner room, use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that has been changed recently.









Baby Monitor

Assuming the child won’t (in time) figure out where you keep these things, and assuming the crib isn’t moved around that much, position the monitor directly underneath the crib. Be sure to hang the “base” unit that will emit the sounds made inside the master bedroom as well as one other location in the house (that is widely used). What would one “recording station” be without its mate at the receiving area/receiving station?

Walkie Talkie








Prepare any furniture (At home clothing)

Whether these be shirts and pants for the child, or, especially at first an onesie or blanket-sleeper, the drawers will need to be filled.









We hope you’ve found this guide helpful!

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