Storage Units


It’s undeniable that the cost of space is on the increase; smaller homes and more expensive retail space is therefore the prime reason people seek to use self storage – a cost effective and hassle-free solution.

We know that the self storage industry is booming in the UK and USA, but countries like Singapore, which have a dense population, are resorting to such facilities more and more. In fact, some innovative individuals and businesses are even using their self storage space as showrooms!

Hong Kong based, Store Friendly, has recently opened its first branch in Singapore and its general manager expects the self storage industry in Singapore to double over the next few years.

Self Storage is popular because it’s so convenient and cheaper then costly long-term rental contracts. Furthermore, it can be used for both business and personal use; storing archive material, excess stock, out of season clothes.. You name it!

Whether you want to store for yourself or for you business, call BWI Self Storage in South Woodford on 020 8504 1700 for a quote.

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