Student Room

Whether you’re thinking about the fast-approaching holidays or even next September, having enough space as a student can be a pain. University accommodation is often quite small with basic furniture and if you rent privately you probably won’t be able to drill holes in the wall or make many changes to suit your needs. Sometimes, you may even need to move out for the holiday period.

Effectively, you have to be organised and efficient, only take the things you need and be as imaginative with the limited space you have as possible – designating specific space for your work, using organiser boxes etc. If your accommodation requires you to move out for the holidays or if you’re an international student, you may not want to lug all your belongings back with you every holiday. In this case, self storage could be the perfect solution; it is easy, convenient and secure. If you go to a university in central London, it may be worth noting that facilities further out of the centre will be cheaper than those within zones 1 and 2 – we know that every penny counts.

BWI Self Storage is affordable. Our unit sizes start from just 10 sq. ft. which is useful for those only looking to store a few books, folders and other bits and bobs. We are also open 7 days a week for easy access and we require no long term commitment. You can store for as little as just a week and extend your stay whenever you like.

So if you’re a stressed out student looking for some extra space, why not give us a call or click here to get a quote. Our friendly staff our always here to give a helping hand!