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What to Consider Before Renting Office Space

  • 2 min read

Making the decision to lease office space can be huge for start-ups and small businesses – not only does it suggest that your business has been thus far successful; it opens the door for bigger success in the future. However, it is quite a daunting decision to make and you may not know where to start, so we’ve come up with a list of key things to consider before signing that all-important agreement:


The location in which you base your new office is key in portraying what your business is all about, partiWhat to Consider Before Renting Office Spacecularly if you’re selling a good or service and expect clients on site on a regular basis. City centres may be a bit too costly for start-ups, but consider where your competitors or similar businesses are based to get an idea of suitable locations for your own business.



The principal reason behind your decision to lease (or buy) an office is the need for more space, and so this will naturally be a huge consideration in your search. As a growing business, you may want to consider finding an office space with more room than you actually need in case you want to expand in the future, or perhaps somewhere with a flexible lease agreement which offers an ‘upgrade’ option.


It may seem obvious, but make sure you do your homework – find out what is available, what the prices are like in the area your looking and what is included within the agreement, which brings us to our next point…


Having access to good amenities can make all the difference in renting office space. Here’s a list of things which you’ll probably want to look into:

  • Parking for both employees and clients.
  • A kitchen
  • A conference/meeting room
  • Phone and internet connectivity
  • Accessibility