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LITTLE HEATH: 020 3848 9494

We Sell packaging

Find the right packaging for your needs

small-pack5-storepak-LR TN

Small Box

£2.50 Each

med-pack5-storepak-LR TN

Medium Box

£3.50 Each


Large Box

£4.50 Each


Small Bubble Wrap (500mm x 7.5m)

£4.00 Each


Bubble Wrap 500mm x 7.5M TN

Large Bubble Wrap (500mm x 25m)

£15.00 Each


1200-x-5M-Bio-Bubble-Film-1 TN

Long Bubble Wrap (1200mm x 5m)

£6.50 Each


parceltape TN

Brown Tape



Heavy Duty Padlock


40mm Brass Padlock

Brass Padlock


mattress cover

Matress Cover


sofa cover

Sofa Cover